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  1. Capitol Hill Child Care (CHCC). It is a fantastic center and the curriculum for the 2 years is play-based yet extremely effective. My daughter went to CHCC from just after she turned 1 (September 2013) to right before she turned 2 (August 2014). We were very happy with the care she received at CHCC. She was talking, had learned sign language and was about 90% potty trained. She had friends that she talked about and hugged at the end and beginning of the day. She did arts & crafts that you could tell that she did. CHCC uses an app to send daily reports that often includes pictures and videos so you can also see your child engaged in the activities and know that they are learning about water or transportation or whatever. You know if they napped and ate lunch (which is provided along with breakfast and afternoon snack).

  2. …From our first weeks sending out daughter to CHCC, I could feel that the staff there cared for our child with a deep love and thoughtfulness. Now that she’s a toddler, she can’t enter or exit the building without saying goodbye to everyone and getting or giving hugs and high fives to all the kids and adults who are there. It’s a community that really puts a lot of work and thought and attention into the children in its care.

  3. The director, Ann Shorter, is very involved in the day to day running of the center. She is around a lot, and seems to know each child quite well. When Emma first started at CHCC, and a few times since when she has gone through difficult phases, she was very upset and Ann bought her a little lovie to help her calm down. Emma knows and loves “Miss Ann.

  4. My son, Ian Ratner, attended Capitol Hill Child Care (CHCC) from April 2014 through September 2015. During that time, the staff and management provided one of the most welcoming and enriching learning experiences for both parents and children that more than fully prepared Ian for pre-school.

    I cannot stress how caring and detail-oriented Ms. Ann was regarding everything from organizing school supplies, opening lines of communication with parents, to ensuring the children had an alternative location for if and when the church needed to close. She and her partner, Amy, run a responsive and top notch business that fills a huge market need for dependable child care in the Eastern Market neighborhood. Although competition abounds in the early child care industry, CHCC sets itself apart with its consistently high caliber staff and ability to go above and beyond in the service of providing quality care.

  5. I have been fortunate to have worked with the team at Capitol Hill Child Care since its inception in 2013. As a first-time mom, it was incredibly reassuring to have such kind and thoughtful professionals caring for my child. The staff at Capitol Hill Child Care is kind, patient and incredibly flexible.

    Beyond basic care and feeding, I’ve always felt they had the best interest of my kids at heart. Having now observed (and experienced firsthand) both the infant and the toddler curriculum, it is clear that the team is focused on building healthy, positive relationships within the kids’ groups as well as between the children and the adults supervising them.

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