In addition to classroom activities, we believe some of the best learning takes place outside of the classroom. We integrate going out into the community as part of our learning plan. If there is a child friendly business or open space in the community, CHCC has visited it!. 


Program Philosophy:  Our infant care program is designed to meet the needs of every baby based on his or her own schedule. Infants nap, feed, play and cuddle on demand.  Music, singing, reading, finger painting and constant verbalization foster socialization and developmental skills.


Program Goals: To provide a safe, happy and actively engaged with learning. Infants are encouraged to learn about themselves, their feelings, and communicating.


Program Philosophy: A toddler’s development can occur in four domains. The domains are: physical, cognitive, language/communication, and social/emotional. The physical environment we provide, along with the group size, daily schedule and routine will help to foster your toddlers learning experience.


Program Goals: To provide an environment where children are safe, happy and actively engaged with learning. Toddlers are able to follow a more consistent and predictable schedule, allowing them to feel more in control, which helps create a more secure child.


Program Philosophy: Our Preschool program will inspire your child’s love for learning, character, and creativity. Activities are designed around STEAM( Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), healthy living, a safe environment, instilling socially- conscious values, and reinforcing positive skills.

Program Goals: To provide programs where the children are safe, happy and actively engaged with learning as well as constant communication between school and home to ensure the transition to kindergarten is as seamless as possible.