Activities That Can Help Your Child Grow Up Well


A parent wishes for their beloved child to grow into a successful person. They do everything possible to give their children the proper resources and support to achieve and live a great life. One way a parent can do this is to help their child develop the necessary skills to function well, such as gross motor skill development.

Gross motor skills are also linked to cognitive development. For your child to build and develop their balance, coordination, and strength, here are a few ideas of gross motor skill activities that you can try to engage with them:

  • Trampoline: It helps improve a child’s balance.
  • Hopscotch: Requires balance and coordination.
  • Playground play: Swinging helps kids learn to coordinate shifting their weight.
  • Balloon and bubble play: Jumping and running will be involved.
  • Dancing: Develops children’s motor sequencing skills.

Developing a child’s gross motor skills is crucial to their overall growth, which involves using large muscle groups such as their arms, legs, and other body parts for movements such as running, crawling, swimming, hopping, and more. If your child has trouble in these areas, we can help through early childhood education at Capitol Hill Child Care!

Our infant care education in District of Columbia provides a safe and trustworthy environment with designed programs focusing on children’s emotional, physical, and social development.

If you have any questions or want more about our services, contact our child care in Washington, District of Columbia, at 202-590-6914 or

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