Aiding Your Toddler’s Language Development


At one year, your little kid can already repeat and follow words one by one. At two, they can already string words into phrases or short sentences. At this phase, they already use words to convey what they are feeling or thinking. It is important to have practices that further encourage their speech and language development.

As your trusted provider of child care in Washington, District of Columbia, we want to share with you fun things you can do with your toddler to help them develop their speech and communication skills more.

There are many ways how to improve your child’s communication skills. Here are some examples:

  • Naming things

    You can play a naming game with your toddler by taking turns pointing at things and letting the other one name them. This will widen your child’s vocabulary and also increase their curiosity about things around them. This will supplement their early childhood education.

  • Storytelling

    Another way to widen your child’s vocabulary is to have storytelling every night. Storytelling is also a part of our infant care education in District of Columbia.

  • Singing nursery rhymes and kids’ songs

    Singing their favorite nursery rhymes or favorite movie songs will help improve their pronunciation and encourage them to speak and sing. Our nursery school encourages singing and memorizing nursery rhymes.

Capitol Hill Child Care provides infant, toddler, and preschool programs that focus on helping children develop physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. We make sure our center is a child-friendly and supportive environment. Feel free to talk to us to know more about our childcare programs.

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